Practice Suit Em Up Table Game and Play for Real Money

Suit ‘Em Up by RealTime Gaming is a blackjack game that you can play at Slots Empire Online Casino for fun or real money. Blackjack is generally a staple game for online and regular gamblers. To some players, this game is an iteration of the popular casino classic. It’s a classic game of 21 that has continued to gain popularity in online and live casinos.

When playing this game, you can make decisions that may directly affect the odds of each hand winning. And Suit ‘Em Up is not different. This game from Realtime Gaming will capture your attention to a virtual table, particularly because of the relatively easy chance of winning the side bet whose payout can go up to 60:1. This Suit ‘Em Up review highlights some of the things you might want to know about this card game before playing it at an online casino.

Rules - How to Play Suit ‘Em Up

Suit ‘Em Up blackjack does not introduce an extensive range of side rules into the main variant. With this variation, the rules remain the same. But, the only change you will notice with this version is the ability to place an extra bet before you’re dealt two cards. And this depends on whether you will get the same suit cards. On placing this bet and then getting suited cards, the game awards you a payout.

Also, this game comes with its betting limits. That means you have the freedom of setting or placing a bet ranging from $1 to $250. Thus, you have a spacious room for placing your bets. What’s more, this option makes Suit ‘Em Up a good blackjack variant for high rollers and casual players. Overall, this game has fairly standard rules.

The basic rules of the game are as follows:

  • The dealer “Stand” on 17
  • The payout for a natural blackjack is 3:2

Any player will find these rules fair. However, this doesn’t happen until the end of the side bet in Suit ‘Em Up.

Card Values/Scoring

Cards in the Suit ‘Em Up game by RTG have different values. For instance, a player must get the first 3 cards with the same suit to win a side bet. If lucky to get this combination, the game automatically rewards you a payout of 2:1 on your side bet.

If the suited cards’ total equals 11, the game increases the payout to 3:1. A pair of any suited cards awards the player a payout of 3:1. If dealt with suited blackjack, your payout increases to 10:1. And if suited cards are both Aces, you get the highest payout possible of 60:1.

The side bet’s result doesn’t have a bearing on your base game. After winning or losing the side bet, the game will continue normally.

Odds & Payouts

Gamers play this game with six decks of cards, and the standard payout is 3:2. Suit ‘Em Up requires the dealer to stand on the soft 17. You can also hit split aces when playing this game. And this game has an RTP of 99.63%. That means it favors the player.

If the first card of the player is an Ace, this game offers them insurance. And this increases the likelihood of getting a 21 with the first two cards to win that hand. If the dealer gets a blackjack, the player’s money is safe, and 50% of the bet goes to the active hand.

If the dealer gets an Ace plus another card whose value is 10, the bet pays 2:1. If not, the game takes away the player’s bet. But this doesn’t affect the result of the hand. The best approach is to place side bets because the payout rates are lower than those of the base game.

The paytable for suits in this game is as follows:

  • Suited Aces - 60:1
  • Suited blackjack - 10:1
  • Suited Pair - 5:1
  • Suited 11 - 3:1
  • Other suited - 2:1

As hinted in the beginning, you can make decisions that will directly impact your odds of winning every hand. Therefore, take your time to review the rules of this game before you start playing the real money version. Also, use the demo version of this game to practice and familiarize yourself with its mechanism before betting with your hard-earned money.

How Suit ‘Em Up Is Different from Other Blackjack Games

Before you play Suit ‘Em Up online for real money, you might want to know how this variant differs from the other blackjack games. Well, one aspect that makes this game different from the other blackjack variants is allowing the player to choose whether to use 2, 6, or 8 decks of the cards.

The traditional blackjack game has fewer decks that can lead to a low house edge. However, Suit ‘Em Up decreases the house edge to 2.67% after invoking the side bet when a player opts to play with a total of 8 decks.

And getting a combination of suited cards to win a side bet is more prevalent when a player has more cards in their shoe.

Strategy and House Edge - How to Win the Game

Playing on more decks lowers the house edge in this game. It also increases the chance to win this game on the side bet. Remember that Suit ‘Em Up blackjack comes with up to 8 decks. Therefore, play on more decks to lower the house edge while increasing the chance to win your side bet.

If you opt to place side bets frequently, play with at least 6 decks. That way, the house edge won’t exceed 0.47%. And your payout will vary depending on the cards you suit up.


Can I play Suit ‘Em Up for free?

Yes. You can play this game without spending your money. All you need is to select the demo version of this game. Once this game has loaded onto your screen, start playing the way you would play the real money version.

Can I play this blackjack game on a mobile device?

Yes. Suit ‘Em Up is a mobile-friendly blackjack game. That means you can play it on a wide range of mobile devices, including a smartphone and a tablet.

Where can I play Suit ‘Em Up online?

You can play Suit ‘Em Up at Slots Empire Casino. All you need is to register for a free player’s account to start playing this game for fun or to earn real money.

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