Practice Loose Deuces Video Poker Game and Play for Money

Are you a player who is bored of playing the same video poker games over and over again? Want to take a chance and try something different and exciting? Loose Deuces by Realtime Gaming is what we would suggest!

Online video poker gets more interesting and challenging with RTG’s Loose Deuces video poker, which alters the rules a bit to add a pinch of spice into your gaming experience for fun. Check out our detailed review to know more about this compelling variant of RTG’s poker games and dive with us into a pool of all that is relevant to it. We can bet you won’t be disappointed!

The History of Loose Deuces Video Poker Game

Loose Deuces game was released on the 15th of May in 2018 as a fun, chaotic version of RTG’s range of video poker games. Ever since then, it has become a lucrative option for poker players out there and has even been ranked as one of the top games with the highest payouts in 2020. Released as a single player gaming interface with no set timer for making decisions, the game allows a player to think about their move thoroughly. An informative demo is also available for players to give them a birds’ eye view of what the game is all about.

This version of video poker deviates from the basic genre of poker in the sense that while playing Loose Deuces, you need to hold on to your 2s (a two is a wild card)! The game is an imitation of Jacks or Better by RTG with the exception of the inclusion of wild cards and is very similar to Deuces Wild. The difference also arises in the payout table and ratios when compared to other variants of video poker by RTG.

Loose Deuces Video Poker Rules - Learn How to Play

The basic rules of the game are based on Jacks or Better, but here you have wild card entities, which are all of the 2s in your deck - so no, don’t make the mistake of avoiding 2s like you normally would in a game of poker! These wild cards can be your chance to turn your somewhat ordinary hand into a poker-winning one. How? Simply because your wild card can help you make up a winning hand easily by standing up for other cards. It might sound a little more complicated than it actually is, but we’ve got you covered.

Learn how to play Loose Deuces online for real money or just for fun. Here’s the entire procedure, broken down and simplified for every poker player out there - amateur or expert:

  • Before anything else, you need to place a bet according to your preference. You will decide on the coin denomination here - the number of coins you wish to play with during your game. 1 coin represents the smallest bet, while 5 coins represent the biggest. For a 5-coin bet, press the ‘Bet Max’ icon at the bottom of your screen. Press ‘Bet One’ for 1 coin, or keep pressing to adjust it somewhere between 1 & 5.
  • Next, tap on the ‘Deal’ icon. You will now be dealt five cards which will be displayed clearly on your screen. You have to decide which cards you want to keep and those that you want to let go of. Mark the ones you wish to keep as part of your playing hand with the ‘hold’ icon. Leave the rest as they are - these will be replaced with new ones from the deck upon reshuffling. Note: You only get one chance to switch your cards. Once you press the ‘deal’ icon again after setting and filtering your initial gaming cards, there’s no going back.
  • Once your new combination is displayed on your screen, it can be a winning one, or you can be dragged down the drain. Note: The computer will automatically adjust your wild card to produce the best possible hand for your paytable. Hence, you don’t need to spend time here.
  • After each final win, the machine will prompt you towards an option for playing a ‘Double or Nothing’ round, where you can either end up doubling your winnings or losing all of them. If you choose to go for it, all your cards will be hidden except for one. The remaining four will be reshuffled, and you will be asked to pick one card. This will be kept, while the other three will be replaced with new ones. Finally, all the cards will be drawn face up to reveal your final hand.


While playing Loose Deuces by RTG at Slots Empire, you have the option of playing a 1, 3, 10, and 52 hands. This is one of the special features of Loose Deuces, with each hand allowing you to play a ‘Double or Nothing’ bonus round after a win!

Odds and Payouts

The RTP for Loose Deuces video poker is surprisingly high (99.07%), which is significantly greater than that of Jacks or Better (95%). This percentage is entirely based on, and influenced by, the unique payout ratios for the game. Three of a Kind is the minimum qualifying hand, which is somewhat higher than other ordinary poker games. However, the presence of wild cards compensates for that, so don’t worry.

Loose Deuces Strategy - Learn How to Win

Of course, you can play the game merely for fun, but winning tends to become an important component of poker games when you play Loose Deuces online for real money. Following are some strategies that we believe will help you improve your stance in the game in the longer run:

  • Keep your window for winning opportunities by not holding on to higher cards randomly.
  • Avoid trying to pull off a royal flush or a straight flush by keeping only 3 cards.
  • In case you receive a draw with a straight flush and 2 deuces, keep the deuces and replace the rest.
  • Do not hold a single card along with 3 deuces; always replace the two remaining cards.
  • Discarding a 2 pair is the better option; keep one with you only.
  • Play the maximum coins. Don’t miss out on winning opportunities.


Does Loose Deuces by Realtime Gaming work on phones?

Yes, Loose Deuces is compatible with mobile phones.

Is there a demo for Loose Deuces?

Yes, a demo is available for Loose Deuces by RTG at Slots Empire.

Can I play Loose Deuces for free?

You can play Loose Deuces for free in demo mode at Slots Empire.

How is Loose Deuces different from Jacks or Better?

Loose Deuces follows the same basic rules as Jacks or Better but differs with the inclusion of 2s as wild cards. Moreover, the RTP for Loose Deuces is also greater than Jacks or Better; 99.07% vs. 95%, respectively.

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