Practice Joker Poker and Play for Real Money

The world of online gaming would not be any better without Joker Poker by RealTime Gaming. This video poker game has somehow found a way to retain its relevance and continue attracting a massive following amongst players due to its unique setting and gameplay. Provided by one of the largest gaming software providers, RTG, Joker Poker does not disappoint. The player can confidently choose this game, knowing that it will meet their wagering needs and overall expected payout. Read this review to the end to learn more.

The History of Joker Poker

The history of Joker Poker is one that might interest you, especially owing to its massive following globally. The design of the game was such that players would find it simple and fun. The simplicity adopted in its creation has gone a long way in making this the game of choice for those who want to raise funds in different gameplays.

Traditionally, the Joker Poker game has been played at events, functions, and during fundraising. Clubs have often used the game as a way to raise funds for different courses.

Joker Poker Rules – Learn How to Play

Joker Poker maintains rules that are pretty much similar to what you may have encountered in other video poker games. It starts with the player placing a bet and choosing the number of hands they are comfortable playing at a time. Having done so, you can proceed to click on the Deal button to start exploring what the game has in store for you.

Hitting the Deal button triggers gameplay in which you are dealt five cards, and you have to choose the ones to let go. After deciding on the cards to discard, you can hit the Draw button to receive new cards from the dealer.

Sometimes you may be okay with your cards as they are. You do not need to discard any card in such a case, and you can proceed with gaming as you wanted. The Hold option allows you to keep all your cards.

If you are playing more than one hand at a time, the game will entail individually counting each hand.

To give you a practical feel of the Joker behavior when you play Joker Poker at Slots Empire Casino, imagine that you have the following cards – a Joker, 6, 9, and two Kings. If that is the case, your hand will not just have a pair of Queens, but instead, three Queens. The Joker, under these circumstances, behaves as a Queen.

As you will learn in the section that follows, most payouts for this game typically begin with a pair of Kings. However, you must always check the casino’s paytable just in case this rule has changed.

As you play Joker Poker for free and real money, do not forget that the main objective is to keep the best cards that would complete a top-paying winning hand.

Joker Poker Hands

There are various Joker Poker winning hands, which include:

  • Full House
  • Straight
  • Two Pairs
  • Kings or Better
  • Flush
  • Joker Royal Flush
  • Natural Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Three of a Kind
  • Four of a Kind
  • Five of a Kind

Odds & Payouts

Apart from the entertaining gameplay, another factor that has helped retain Joker Poker in the market for such a long time is its excellent odds. A Pair of Kinds or Better serves as the minimum qualifying hand in this game and normally comes with an even-money payout. The payout that a player can potentially receive when playing Joker Poker online for real money depends on their hand. The better the hand, the higher the payout.

Joker Poker’s highest payout stands at 10,000x the bet and is rewarded for a Sequential Royal after setting a bet amount of five coins. The least payout is generated by Straight and stands at 15x for the same bet amount.

The house edge is 1.40%, making the return to player (RTP) one of the lowest at 98.60% in comparison to other games. However, this is still a major consideration.

Joker Poker Strategy – Learn How to Win

Players will find it fairly easy to master the Joker Poker strategy. For a start, you may find it worthwhile to first gaming using the demo option. The essence of doing that for novices is to give you a practical feel of the game without putting your money on the line. However, once you are well-versed with the game, you would want to bet with real money to stand a chance to win cash rewards.

And talking of winning, the strategy adopted in your gameplay goes a long way in impacting the possibility of striking a win.

If you are dealt hands that have a Joker, you can do any of the following:

  • Hold Three of a Kind
  • Maintain three cards to Royal Flush
  • Hold when you have four-card Flush without a King or an Ace
  • Hold when you get four-card Straights

In case you are dealt without a Joker:

  • Keep any of the following: Ace or King alone; any three cards to a Straight Flush; unsuited Ace and King; suited Royal Flush with a value less than Ace or King; and any Flush.

As you pick a strategy, do not forget to follow your instincts. However, never gamble with your emotions.


Who is the provider of Joker Poker?

RealTime Gaming is the force behind this video poker game. The gaming software provider boats of solid reputation in creating some of the most popular video pokers, Joker Poker included.

Can I play Joker Poker for free?

You have a chance to play Joker Poker for free under the demo option. However, this option would not earn you any real money. It is mainly used for fun and learning more about the game. If looking to get real-money rewards, you would have to place a bet on the game.

Can I play Joker Poker online?

The essence of playing Joker Poker at Slots Empire Casino is so that you can play from anywhere across the world. The casino is available online and fits all screen sizes.

Is the Joker Poker strategy hard to master?

Joker Poker has some of the simplest strategies with which you can easily get started. Consider the strategies shared above in your gameplay.

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