Practice Double Jackpot Poker and Play for Real Money

Double Jackpot Poker by RealTime Gaming is one of the most exciting video poker games you can ever play. It stands out from most other RTG games in the sense that players have a large area where hands are dealt. As much as the game strives to introduce its uniqueness, it also maintains the classic feeling you've gotten used to as far as video poker games are concerned. Both beginners and experienced video poker players will find this to be an extremely entertaining game. What are some of its important features? Keep reading this review to find out.

The History of Double Jackpot Poker

If you are a beginner in the world of video poker games, you may have interacted mainly with one version of the game. The common version is called Jacks or Better. The said name is often used because a pair of Jacks or higher make up the game's lowest-paying hand. In the gameplay, Jacks of Better entails dealing and drawing the best five-card hand.

However, video poker manufacturers have been trying to introduce unique tweaks to the pay tables and the overall gameplay for a while now. That led to the introduction of a game such as Double Jackpot Poker.

Double Jackpot Poker Rules – Learn How to Play

  • To play the Double Jackpot Poker game, the player starts by determining the amount of bet they would like to place.
  • Your overall bet amount depends on the chip value and the bet level. The game allows you to place a wager with as low as 20 cents. However, if you are a high-roller, you can place much bigger bets than that per round.

The goal behind playing Double Jackpot Poker is to get the strongest possible hand. In the traditional video poker game, the player was often dealt five cards on their hand, after which they only have two chances of changing the number of dealt cards. Whatever action that they take, the overall goal was always to yield the strongest possible hand. That is the same reasoning behind Double Jackpot Poker.

Apart from placing a bet, you can also play Double Jackpot Poker for free under the demo option. Choosing the demo option only gives you a game that's designed for fun. Even though the player may win several games in this mode, none of the funds obtained are withdrawable. It is more of a learning experience for novices.

Another important feature about Double Jackpot Poker that most people have not explored is its mobile-friendliness. What that means is you can enjoy the game from the comfort of your home on a mobile device. The game fits on smartphones and tablets seamlessly, allowing you to access different game components without pinching or zooming out the screen. At no point will you have to change even a single setting for it to work well on your device. All that you will have to ensure is that your browser is updated.


Double Jackpot Poker is a shorthand game. If you get a hand with two pairs, the designated payout for that is two for one. The full hand pays eight out of five. That means the full house payout setting is 8 for 1, while the flush stands at 5 for 1.

Odds & Payouts

As far as the payouts are concerned, players have unique opportunities for getting a bonus. If you receive four of a kind hands, you are liable for a bonus.

An extra bonus can be received when you have four aces with high cards. As much as the Double Jackpot Poker game has extra pay, its variance is found to remain in the manageable range at 22.4.

Game Strategy – Learn How to Win

Playing Double Jackpot Poker at Slots Empire Casino requires you to take up a strategy that would make it easier for you to win. The good thing about this game is that its strategy is not complex, thanks to the involvement of kickers.

As you play this game, it is paramount that you do so within your means. That is, you should only place a bet that you can willingly lose. Most gamblers often run into depression because they wagered more than they were ready to let go. For instance, betting on your house rent would definitely set you back significantly.

As you bet within your means, go for the maximum bet so as to stand a chance of qualifying for the jackpot. As you play Double Jackpot Poker online for real money, the most important factor is to ensure that you can potentially win the jackpot as well. Thus, your bet amount has to be within the range needed to qualify for the same.


Can I play Double Jackpot Poker for real money?

You can confidently play Double Jackpot Poker for real money and even win. To do so, you would have to first place a wager. Players can bet with as low as 20 cents. However, high rollers have a chance to wager more. A key point to remember about betting to win real money is that only set amounts that you can comfortably lose.

Where can I play Double Jackpot Poker?

Players have an opportunity to play Double Jackpot Poker at Slots Empire Casino. The casino is accessible online. Have a stable Internet connection and a decent smartphone, and you are good to go. You have two key ways for accessing the online casino to play Double Jackpot Poker: (1) via a browser and (2) downloading the casino software.

How can I play Double Jackpot Poker for free?

You can play Double Jackpot Poker without paying by selecting the demo option. Under demo mode, you are free to make as many mistakes as you want because your money will not be on the line. This is often a great approach for novices.

Does Double Jackpot Poker have a jackpot?

Double Jackpot Poker has a jackpot, meaning that anytime you place a bet and get a royal flush, you can win up to 4000x the bet if you choose to play with 5 coins. That is a powerful feature because even if you lose in gameplay, you can potentially recover your lost amounts when you strike the jackpot.

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