Practice Bonus Poker and Play for Real Money

Bonus Poker by RealTime Gaming is an interesting and retro vibes-packed video poker. This game is a Jacks or Better variation that offers a bonus payout to a player who gets a four-of-a-kind. This game bases the four-of-a-kind bonus on that hand. This video poker game is packed with impressive visual presentation, and the gaming options are easy to use. It also has bold colors and neatly rendered graphics. In this review, you will learn more about this video poker game and how to win it.

History of Bonus Poker

The history of Bonus Poker goes back to video poker. A company called Dale Electronics introduced a video poker machine back in 1970. And within no time, every casino in cities like Las Vegas had this machine. With the advent of the Internet, gaming software developers came up with video poker games for online casinos.

Bonus poker originated from the expansion of the gameplay of the basic video poker. The only difference between this game and basic video poker is that it provides more excitement to the gamers by jacking up the payouts for a four-of-a-kind hand. If a player gets this hand, they increase their chances of winning a higher payout.

Realtime Gaming released this game back in July 2016. Since its introduction, the popularity of Bonus Poker has been increasing. Today, the Bonus Poker game is among the most common titles even in large online casinos. The ability of this game to offer different winning ways makes it popular among online gamblers.

Bonus Poker Rules

Bonus Poker is a game between a player and a dealer. You play this game on the standard deck with 52 cards. A player is dealt 5 cards in the first hand. To build a strong hand, a player should hold more cards and discard the others to replace them with new ones from the deck. A casino sets the maximum and minimum payouts.

Nevertheless, you should focus on beating the dealer when playing this video poker game for real money. The house wins when the dealer wins. This game provides the option for setting bets to enhance a bigger return. When being dealt, each card is face down. That means the machine doesn’t reveal the card numbers. Thus, this is a statistical probability game.

To win this game, the best 5 of the community and hole cards in your hand should be higher than the five of the dealer. If you don’t achieve this requirement, the dealer takes your bet. And this includes the bonus bet that you might have won.

When a player wins, they don’t get a pot-earning or the pooled amount that includes funds from other players. However, a win gets the player an amount that corresponds to what they initially placed with a dealer. Winnings for the bonus bet are up to 1000 times the amount of the bonus bet.

This game is more rewarding because it reserves payouts for a four-of-a-kind hand, including the four-of-a-kind of the aces that pays 75 to 1, as well as four-of-a-kind of 2s, threes, and fours that pay 40 to 1. The other four of a kind hands pay 25 to 1. Players get the largest winning when they get a royal flush. This hand pays 250 to 1 for a bet of 5 coins.


Before playing Bonus Poker online for real money or fun, you should know different hands and winning combinations. Some people describe Bonus Poker as a Jacks or Better variant with a twist. When playing this game, a gamer can place their wager of 1 to 5 coins. A player then presses Deal/Draw or Bet Max. Before dealing the cards, a Bonus hand appears on the right-hand side of your screen. This can be a Straight, a Flush, or any other bonus hand.

The player has to select the cards to keep based on their gaming strategy. However, this machine gives a player a chance to risk a possibly winning hand for a bonus payout by matching the bonus hand. Here is a list of hands in Bonus Poker and their payouts.

  • Royal Flush: 800
  • Four Aces: 80
  • Straight flush: 50
  • Four-of-a-kind (Twos to Fours): 40
  • Four-of-a-kind (All Others): 25
  • Full House: 8
  • Flush: 5
  • Straight: 4
  • Three-of-a-Kind: 3
  • Two Pair: 2
  • Pair of Jacks or Higher: 1

Odds & Payouts

Bonus Poker is among the best video poker variants to play at an online casino. That’s because an effective strategy can get a player a payback percentage of 99.17% when playing the 8/5 video poker. 7/5 Bonus Poker has a payback percentage of 98.01% and 96.87% for 6/5 Bonus Poker. The maximum payout a player can get when playing Bonus Poker at Slots Empire Casino is 4000 coins.

Game Strategy

You’re most likely eager to learn how to win Bonus Poker. The best tip for winning this game is to understand the rules first. Ideally, learn all the norms of this game to avoid handing your opponent the game easily. Therefore, read the game and anticipate the hand that might appear during the game. Another approach is to know the time to fold and deal by assessing your cards. Also, set the maximum bet to have a better chance of winning the maximum payout if you get a royal flush.


Where can I play Bonus Poker?

Slots Empire Casino features various video poker variants by RealTime Gaming. You can play the real money version and the demo version of this game for fun on this platform.

Can I play Bonus Poker for free?

Yes. You can play the demo version of this game for free. Register at Slots Empire Casino and then select the demo version of this game to play without spending your hard-earned money.

Why should I play Bonus Poker?

With this game, you have a chance of getting a bigger payout than when playing a variant like Jacks or Better. Thus, you enjoy the benefits of a bonus without changing your strategy. What’s more, this game is not as volatile as most video poker variations.

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