Practice Banana Jones Board Game and Play for Real Money

If you are a player that is looking for an alternative to popular casino games, be sure to check out Banana Jones by RealTime Gaming. This game offers a board game layout that is like playing the classic game of Snakes and Ladders. Moreover, instead of having reels and paylines, you will place a bet and roll the dice to move along the board!

Set in a Jungle, you will roll dice to navigate Banana Jones to the end of the board. With multipliers and special bonus features, this game can be quite rewarding when played for real money. However, if you are new to this type of online casino game, you can play for fun and take some time to discover the features of the game.

With our Banana Jones board game review, you will learn how the game is played, how much can be bet, how to win, and you will even pick up some game strategies! This innovative title from RTG provides a great way to take a break from the regular gaming options while still having some super chances to generate payouts.

Rules to Play Banana Jones

Ready to play an exciting and rewarding game from RTG? You can start by playing the Banana Jones demo game for free, so you can learn all about what the title has to offer. Of course, if you prefer to jump right in, you can immediately start placing wagers and collect top payouts!

To get started, you will first select a bet amount. This amount can be changed at any time by using the up or down button. After a bet is placed, you will roll the dice, and the character will move the number of spaces indicated. Each game consists of five rolls, so you will want to land on vines to improve your position. The overall goal is to reach the end of the board within the five rolls and trigger the main bonus feature.

To earn returns, you will gather matching icons as you move on the board. The number of symbols you have collected will be displayed on the screen. If you land between 2 and 4 Snakes, you can earn a payout of 0.5 to 5x your bet amount. Getting 2 or 3 vines will also offer a multiplied payout of 1x to 25x the bet.

Features of RTG Banana Jones

With the Banana Jones board game, you will find some unique features that have made this a popular choice among players. This title offers a board game layout and features that can help increase overall win amounts. You will not find the common bonus features, but there are some bonus options that make this an exciting choice for real money gamblers.

The best way to learn about all game features is to play Banana Jones for free at a leading RealTime Gaming casino. This will allow you the time needed to see exactly how each feature is triggered and what can be won.

As the game is played, you will see different symbols on the board. You will want to collect as many as possible while watching out for vines and snakes that can change your position on the board. There are two special features that have been included in this title. These are the Crystal Banana Quest Bonus and the Treasure Wheel Bonus. Both of these can offer more payouts and will help you land some great wins.

  • Treasure Wheel Bonus – This is triggered when the character lands on one of four different treasure wheel symbols depicted on the board. The symbol will expand and will feature a statue with a wheel. The wheel will contain various multipliers that range from 0.1 to 50. Just spin the wheel, and you will be awarded the prize. The multiplier will be applied to your current bet amount for an instant win.
  • Crystal Banana Quest – This is one of the main features you will want to get when you play Banana Jones online for real money. If you are able to reach the end of the board, this feature will be triggered. You will see a temple full of treasure chests, and each will contain a fruit. You will choose a chest to open, and the revealed fruit will be added to a meter. This bonus round can offer the chance to win a great sum of money if you can open three chests that contain a golden banana!

Strategies to Win

Since this is not a skill-based game, there are no specific strategies that can be used to enhance payouts. However, just as with any other casino game, the amount of your wager can alter how much you win. When you practice Banana Jones, you will quickly learn that you only get five rolls per game. Therefore, to have the best chances at earning top payouts, it is best to bet the highest amount possible.

As a real money player, make sure to have a set budget in place before betting. This will help you determine the amount you can wager. Aside from money management, you will have to rely on luck to be a winner. The best payouts will come by making it to the end of the board, but you can also pick up multipliers and some decent payouts along the way.

Playing the Game

The overall design of this board game is rather simple, and there are not too many controls to be concerned with. However, you will have buttons to adjust your bet amount, and there is an Info button. Here, you can view the paytable. You also can use an auto roll feature.

With Banana Jones, players can also alter the game’s speed and will be able to control sound levels. This title has great sound effects that enhance gameplay, but you may adjust the setting to toggle these on or off to suit your gaming preferences.

As you roll the dice, you will enjoy animated graphics and a great soundtrack. The game has been designed to be visually appealing, and it will surely provide you with hours of entertainment. Check out Banana Jones at Slots Empire Casino today and see why many opt to roll the dice with this alternative title.


What are the betting options when playing for real money?

You always have the ability to increase or decrease wagers before the start of each game. Banana Jones allows players to choose bet amounts of $0.20, $0.50, $1, $2, and $5.

Is Banana Jones offered on mobile?

Yes. This RTG game can be played using any mobile device. Mobile players can place wagers or play Banana Jones for fun.

Is there a progressive jackpot to be won?

No. This is a board game. You will not find any progressive being offered, but you can win multiplied payouts.

What is the maximum win amount?

When you play for real money, you have the chance to win up to 2,565x your bet.

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