Practice Aces and Eights Video Poker Game and Play for Real Money

Aces and Eights Video Poker

Video poker is a popular game choice for many players online. This type of game offers some of the best possible payouts, and you will find some great options, such as Aces and Eights by Realtime Gaming. The thing that sets this game apart from other video poker selections is the offering of a Four of a Kind using Aces or Eights.

This exciting video poker game can be played as a single-hand game, or you can play multiple hands at once. Check out our complete Aces and Eights video poker review to learn how to play and start earning top payouts. The game is easy to learn, and you can preview it in a free demo mode before betting at Slots Empire Casino.

History of Aces and Eights

Aces and Eights is one of the top-played games from Realtime Gaming, and it has a long history. The game is based on the popular Dead Man’s Hand, which is a combination of Aces and Eights. The name of the game came from the 1800s when Wild Bill Hitchcock was shot while playing poker. He was holding a hand of Aces and Eights.

Today, this game is played as a video poker game and is very similar to Jacks or Better. The added winning hand combinations and the chance to play multiple hands simultaneously make this game one of the top choices for real money players online. Just like all other video poker games, the top paying hand is a Royal Flush, but you can earn some great payouts from special hand combinations.

Aces and Eights Game Rules

Before you jump in and start to bet, take some time to play Aces and Eights for fun to learn all game rules. This is a relatively simple game that can be mastered with some practice. When you are ready to enjoy Aces and Eights online for real money, you will start by selecting a bet amount. You can choose from various coin denominations and also select how many coins to play.

After placing a bet and choosing how many hands are being played, cards will be dealt. You can choose which cards on the screen to hold and which to discard. The goal is to create the best-ranking hand to receive payouts. When you are playing multiple hands, it is important to note that a bet will be required for each hand in play.

As a player, you can also adjust the setting for the speed of the game and can alter sound levels. Aces and Eights is a simple game to play, and as soon as you are dealt your first card, you will start enjoying some amazing video poker action.


The hands in the Aces and Eights game will be similar to all other video poker variations. As mentioned, the highest paying hand will be a Royal Flush. However, there are other ranking hands that can generate a super payout, especially when placing the maximum bet.

To start collecting payouts, you will need to get a hand with a pair of Jacks or Better. This is the lowest paying hand in the game. You will also receive rewards for Two Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, and Straight Flush.

With Aces and Eights, additional payouts are available when you get certain Four of a Kind hands. You will win with any four of a kind, a four of a kind using 7s, and a four of a kind using either Aces or Eights. Take some time to play Aces and Eights for free to become familiar with the hand rankings and possible payouts.

Payouts and Odds

When you choose to play Aces and Eights for real money, you will find there are two different versions that are found online. The first will offer a payout of 7 to 1 when you get a full house. This version offers an RTP of 98.63% when you are betting the maximum of five coins. The other option offers an 8 to 1 payout for a full house and comes with a higher RTP of 99.78%. When possible, it is always best to find the latter version so you can enjoy better chances of winning.

The top payout in the game is worth 4000 coins, which will be won by getting a Royal Flush with a five-coin wager. If you bet only one coin, the same hand will only award 250 coins. Getting a four-of-a-kind with aces or eights and a five-coin bet will yield a 400 coin payout.

Strategy for Aces and Eights

When playing this version of video poker, the strategy will differ a bit from Jacks or Better due to the increased payouts with four-of-a-kind hands. Here are a few strategic tips that can be used to increase your chances of winning larger returns.

  • Hands with a flush or a straight should not be altered. Keep every card.
  • If you have just two high cards, it is best to hold them and try to get a pair instead of drawing new cards.
  • With a hand having just one high card, hold that card and draw four others.


Is Aces and Eights available on mobile devices?

Yes. When you access Slots Empire Casino, you will be able to play this exciting video poker game on a PC or mobile device.

How many hands can be played?

At Slots Empire, you can choose to play Aces and Eights in a single-hand version, or you can opt to play 3, 10, or 52 hands maximum.

Is there a progressive jackpot?

No. This video poker game does not feature any progressive jackpot. The top payout is set at 4000 coins.

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