AML Policy

SlotsEmpire is devoted to preventing money laundering, implementing an anti-money laundering infrastructure with specialized controls and systems designed specifically to facilitate the use of our platform in anti-money laundering schemes.

Our SlotsEmpire AML Policy is designed to establish our compliance with the minimal required AML standards and as such includes the following:
  • Appointing a proper Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) with adequate knowledge and seniority in the field and appropriate accountability to manage and monitor compliance oversight through the use of legitimate and appropriately fitting regulations, rules, legislation, and proper industry guidelines.
  • Instituting and managing a money laundering and terrorist financing risk assessment through the use of a specifically established Risk-Based Approach (RBA).
  • Instituting and managing the identification, due diligence and if the occasion requires, proper Know Your Clients (KYC) procedure on any client that has been suspected of being risk-based. This may also include enhanced due diligence procedures on clients that have been presenting a higher risk, i.e. Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) etc.
  • Instituting and managing customer activity monitoring procedures and risk-based systems.
  • Instituting various procedures for reporting any relevant suspicious client activity both internally and to the proper law enforcing authorities.
  • Managing and maintaining any relevant and applicable records for the minimum required time.
  • Implement the proper awareness education on all relevant employees, assuring that all procedural requirements are met.
Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT)
SlotsEmpire has implemented a risk-based Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT) approaches and procedure when facing any potential AML risk.

In addition, SlotsEmpire has established specialized CFT internal controls, aimed to track and conduct any relevant procedures towards CFT issues in a manner which overrules any other operating task, business or strategy.
International Sanctions Policy (ISP)
SlotsEmpire is prohibited from making transactions with any companies, individuals and/or countries that are listed on the prescribed sanctions lists.
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